EcoTrack 11: More 'green' products at Andersons

The Andersons has a new green team to help customers make eco-friendly purchases.

News 11's Jennifer Boresz has this EcoTrack 11 report.

Customers at The Andersons know it's important to take care of the environment.  Maggie Graybill of Toledo tells News 11, "I have four kids, and I worry about their future. Stuff like what it's gonna be like when they get older and have their own kids."

Now it's easier than ever to buy products that support that goal thanks to the company's new green initiative. According to store management, they are increasing their number of environmentally friendly products including cleaning brands like Mrs. Meyers, which is biodegradable.

The best way to tell if a product is eco-safe is to read the label. Assistant Manager Mark Hetrick explains, "A lot of it will say environmentally safe or biodegradable. They try to put it a little bit bigger on the front of the label rather than have to turn the thing around and read the fine print."

After you clean, you can also paint your home using environmentally friendly products. One product available is made of soy and recycled materials.

Hetrick says, "They're using safer chemicals and safer additives that will still make the paint durable and long-lasting, but not use the older more dangerous things that made paint last that long."

Here's one more way to go green at home -- trade in your old light bulbs for compact fluorescent bulbs. They cut back on energy while also saving you money.

Posted by LS