WTOL Editorial: Speak to us, mayor, pretty please

WTOL General Manager and Vice President Bob Chirdon
WTOL General Manager and Vice President Bob Chirdon

For more than a year, I've been saying, "Sell the Erie Street Market." Now that a deal is in the works, this could be great.

However, I'm told Tetra Tech can still walk away from the Riverwalk project. Here's why.

They have up to one year to find the money and to make sure that Northwest Ohio can support the project and that the investors make money.

During this year, the City of Toledo must also deliver on some deal points. It is up to the mayor to keep those promises.

This is such an important project. So, why hasn't he told us what he committed to do?

Mayor Finkbeiner, what did you promise? How much will it cost? How will we pay for it? Who will manage the process so it gets done on time?

The mayor is the self-proclaimed economic mastermind of Toledo. I am just not sure in his mind he can tell the difference between proudly declaring it's a deal, and actually delivering what is needed to get the deal done.

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