Two students caught with weapons inside Toledo Schools

TOLEDO -- Safety concerns are heating up at Toledo Public Schools. This past week, there was the potential for violence inside two school buildings, as dangerous weapons were confiscated from students.

Rob Wiercinski was out talking to people about what the district should or should not be doing to create a safer learning environment.

On Friday at McTigue Middle School, a 12-year-old female student was caught with a steak knife in her locker. According to the police report, she showed off the knife to other students and threatened to use it to harm the principal.

Back on Thursday at Rogers High School a 16-year-old male student was caught with a pellet gun in his book bag.

Metal detectors may have prevented those incidents, but according to this Rogers High father, his son and others are doing what they can to keep their school safe.

Don Kayser's son attends Rogers and says, "He's in the mediating for trouble for things that go on, and I think the students take care of itself over there, they really don't have a problem."

For this Rogers High grad is also against schools installing metal detectors. She says she understands why some kids might choose to carry a weapon.

2006 Rogers High grad Tawana Yates says, "When I was in school, I used to catch the early bus, it'd be dark out and I'm a girl, I'd catch the bus by myself and used to carry something on me all the time, but you never know what's going on so you can't necessarily say that they're carrying something to harm somebody, it could be for their own personal safety."

In both cases, the weapons were confiscated before any harm was done.

The students involved in these incidents were both taken to the Juvenile Justice Center and booked on weapons related charges. A spokesperson for TPS says both students will face a disciplinary hearing.

 Rob Wiercinski reported this story on WTOL News 11.

Posted by N Dutton