Arrests made in overdose death of Napoleon baby

Kamryn Elise Gerken was 13-months old when she died of a lethal dose of oxycodone.
Kamryn Elise Gerken was 13-months old when she died of a lethal dose of oxycodone.

NAPOLEON, OH (WTOL) - A Henry County couple is facing involuntary manslaughter charges eight months after prosecutors say her 1-year-old died from a drug overdose.

Police say the mom has a drug history, the boyfriend has a drug history and -- according to reports -- he has threatened to kill the baby before.

Mother Jayme Schwenkmeyer, 22, is charged with the child's death.

Henry County Prosecutor John Hanna says, "The autopsy results eventually showed that she died due to an overdose of some drugs, primarily Oxycodone."

According to investigators, Schwenkmeyer shared an apartment with 48-year-old David Knepley. They say Knepley put Kamryn down for a nap last August. Around noon, he found her not breathing and with foam around her mouth.

Prosecutor Hanna says, "Kamryn was taken to the hospital. She was essentially dead when she arrived at the hospital." Doctors tried to revive the child and believe more than one pill was put in Kamryn's system.

Prosecutors aren't saying how they think she consumed the lethal dose of Oxycodone. But they did charge Schwenkmeyer and Knepley with involuntary manslaughter and child endangering.

"Had we thought they intentionally killed this child, the charges would have been different," says Prosecutor Hanna.

Police say Knepley has prescriptions for several pain killers. They say Schwenkmeyer has used the drugs and sold them to others.

A police report taken two months before Kamryn's death states Knepley thought Schwenkmeyer went back to Kamryn's dad. The baby's father told police that Knepley threatened him. He says Knepley told him he'd put a bullet in all three of their heads - his, Jayme's and the baby.

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