EcoTrack 11: Archbold college wins national Recyclemania

ARCHBOLD, Ohio -- A group of students at an Archbold college is celebrating a major victory. The big win didn't come on a football or baseball field.

Instead, it's a winning team of student recyclers at Northwest State Community College.

News 11's Dick Berry of the Wood County Bureau at Levis Commons has the details in this EcoTrack 11 report.

Green is good to these college students known as Students for Sustainability.

They do this everyday: Go to 230 containers scattered around campus to collect paper, plastic, cardboard and cans.

Student Natalie Bramel says, "I think it's important to recycle here in the school because this is where people come to learn, and so it's important to promote it here. Then they'll want to start doing it in their home."

Here's their game plan.

Students have identified where on campus the most junk is tossed with emphasis placed on the bookstore and food services. That's where you'll find the most containers.

Faculty Advisor Dr. Edward Singer tells News 11, "What we use can have a real impact on the environment for better or for worse, and re-cycling is the key to reducing the negative impact."

Students for Sustainability just picked up a first-place award for their efforts. They competed against 400 colleges and universities in something called Recyclemania. Competitors had to track what goes into the recycling bin and into a waste bin over a ten week period. Ten thousand pounds of stuff was recycled here.

Student James R. Cole says, "We need to be able to recycle materials because, if we can't do that, then we will have as many problems as we are dealing with in the ecosystem now." Something anybody can do one bottle or can at a time.

Across all campuses during Recyclemania, 58 million pounds of otherwise wasted material was recycled. That reduced carbon emissions an amount equivalent to not burning 440 rail cars of coal.

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