UPDATE--Stainbrook found 'not guilty'

UPDATE--Jon Stainbrook has been found "not guilty" on all charges stemming from an incident involving University Toledo police.

The original story follows.

TOLEDO -- The Toledo man fighting for control of the Lucas County Republican party was arrested by University of Toledo Police early Thursday morning.

Jon Stainbrook is charged with failing to disclose information to a police officer and obstructing official business according to a police report filed with UT police.

Our media partner, the Toledo Free Press, is also working on the story. Stainbrook was found with a female UT student in a car parked near Heatherdowns School on Birchwood Drive. That's a building operated by the University of Toledo.

Police say the back window was fogged over. When Stainbrook got out of the car, his belt was undone. At that point, police say he would only talk to Toledo police. He was cited and given a notice to appear in court.

News 11 contacted Stainbrook. He says this is all politically motivated.

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