Oregon School District fights to get budget under control

OREGON, Oh. -- Balancing the budget is a top priority for the Oregon Schools Board of Education, which has voted in favor of several changes, reports News 11's Tim Miller.

Three teachers will lose their jobs, a decision expected to save the district $228,000. Members have agreed to a one-year pilot program -- open enrollment for "first grade only" -- which is expected to bring in $230,000.

The district will not renew its contract with the Lucas County Educational Service Center, which will save an additional $295,000. The district will also increase fees for extracurricular activities: High school students will pay $60 per activity; middle school students will pay $45.

In all, the district hopes to save just under $1.2 million. Some other positions could also be cut. That decision is expected at the board's next meeting on May 13.

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