UPDATED--Toledoan charged with child endangerment pleads 'no contest'

UPDATED--Crystal Barnett, 20, who was charged with child endangerment in April, pleaded "no contest" to one felony count of child endangering in court on Tuesday, July 15.

Barnett was accused of throwing the baby, thereby causing severe injuries. The baby did not suffer permanent brain damage.

The court is recommending 3 years behind bars for Barnett's role in the baby's injuries.

TOLEDO -- A Toledo babysitter is facing felony charges while an eight-month old baby lies in the hospital in critical condition.

Toledo police tell us 20-year-old Crystal Barnett arrived with her attorney at the police department Tuesday morning and confessed to her role in the baby's injuries, reports News 11's Lisa Rantala.

Detectives had talked to Barnett on Monday, but they say her story then just didn't add up.

Barnett had called 9-1-1 from her Toledo apartment Sunday, saying the baby she was caring for was unresponsive. That baby was rushed to the hospital with severe injuries to her brain.

"Severe skull fracture, multiple fractures," said Toledo Sergeant Phil Toney about those injuries.

At the time, Barnett told investigators it was an accident and that the baby had hit her head.

"She claimed that her younger child, her two-year-old, had just pushed the young one off the bed," Toney said. But police say the child suffered a possible brain shift and might have to go through more surgery.

"An adult in this case being abusive to almost killing the child," Toney said, acknowledging his belief that Barnett injured the baby.

Barnett has been charged with felony child endangerment. We were not privy to what Barnett said but do know she has confessed to the actions that caused the critical injuries. During the questioning, she broke into tears, we hear.

"It's kind of hard to judge what is true remorse and what is being upset for one's self," Toney said.

Indeed, they aren't sure if Barnett's emotions were triggered by the possibility of the baby suffering significant brain damage or the possibility of spending years behind bars.

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