Call 11 For Action: Don't get taken for a ride

Todd Daggett from Dagwoods Limousine.
Todd Daggett from Dagwoods Limousine.

TOLEDO -- It's the day most high school students dream about. We're talking about prom day. It's already come and gone for some Toledo area teens. But for many it's on it's way, and before you hire a limo company.

Mika Highsmith wants you to check out this Call 11 For Action Alert, so your night to remember doesn't turn into a nightmare.

With prom season right around the corner, for many Toledo teens, limo companies are on the run.

But before you get in and start your trip, do your research or you could be taken for a ride.

Like this group of kids who hired Supreme Limousine to take them to the prom last year, when their limo arrived it was old damaged. Worst of all, the driver drove off with their money. It also had out of state tags and wasn't licensed here in the city of Toledo.

Dagwoods Limousine's Todd Daggett says, "It was a shame a limo company had to treat students so bad."

Supreme Limo was shut down right after our story for operating illegally, but they're not the only ones-to date -there are 14 limousine companies operating in our area without a public utility commission of Ohio license- and a department of transportation which means they're not licensed in the City of Toledo.

How is that people are operating without a license in the first place?

Daggett says, "They operates without a license because no one knows about them. I don't know...(it's) not enforced."

And that's what Todd Daggett from Dagwoods Limousine, along with the city, is hoping to change. Letters just went out urging companies to comply by May or they could face fines and eventually be shut down.

In the meantime make sure you check the company out. Call the city and find out if the company is licensed. Then check for insurance, check with the Better Business Bureau and check their cars.

Click here for a list of the companies currently in compliance.

Posted by N Dutton