American returns all MD-80s to service

DALLAS (AP) -- American Airlines says it now has clearance from federal aviation officials to return all of its 300 grounded jets to service.

A spokesman says after 200 cancellations this morning, American is running a full schedule with no cancellations.

Starting last Tuesday, the nation's largest airline canceled nearly 3,300 flights, as it grounded 300 MD-80 jets to wrap wiring bundles to meet federal safety standards.

The cancellations stranded hundreds of thousands of people during the week.

The chairman and chief executive of American parent AMR Corporation says the costs of the cancellations to American will run into the tens of millions of dollars.

Gerard Arpey says that neither American's mechanics nor the FAA were to blame for the groundings, and that he takes responsibility for the cancellations. He says the company will hire a consultant to help it comply with FAA safety rules in the future.

Posted by N Dutton

The Associated Press contributed to this report.