EcoTrack 11: Recycling all types of batteries

Usually if you want to get rid of your old car battery, you'd have to bring it in when you buy a new one.

But if you live in Ottawa, Seneca, or Sandusky County, you have another option.

News 11 Meteorologist James Canterbury has this EcoTrack 11 report.

Until Wednesday April 16th, residents of Ottawa, Seneca, and Sandusky counties can unload their old batteries for recycling free of charge. Andy Anderson of Mobile RV & Marine in Oak Harbor says he's been involved in the program for 12 years and the folks just love coming to his shop to get rid of their unwanted batteries. "There's no where to put them. You're not supposed to put them in landfills. And you get a dollar and a half for each battery your drop off."

The OSS Solid Waste District's program recycles more batteries than you might think. They recycle basically anything from tractor batteries through garbage pick-up.

Dropping off the batteries is just the start of the process.

Tim says when you recycle, you'll be doing yourself some good as well by taking care of the environment.

Posted by LS