Pothole Posse: Shoveling, scraping and filling

TOLEDO -- Some city workers were using the warmer temperatures to wage a battle against thousands of potholes.

As Colleen Wells reports, a special group is out in full force, this weekend, smoothing out your drive.

They're moving in, shoveling, scraping and filling those nasty potholes. They're Toledo's Pothole Posse.

City of Toledo, Streets, Bridges, and Harbor's David Pratt says, "Pothole posse are our crews that work for streets, bridges, and harbor. They've been doing your snow plowing all winter, and they're out fixing the roads for you."

14 crews are making their way down city streets. Filling each pot hole, one at a time. And after long winter of Mother Nature's mood swings. They have their work cut out for them.

"It's real bad out there, we've had almost a record number of freeze-thaws cycles this year, which create the potholes," says Pratt.

City streets have taken a real beating. Some streets have hundreds of potholes and the city is getting thousands of complaints.

Pratt says, "We've received about 2,000 complaints this week, during our push to see where the potholes are."

It will takes crews several weeks to smooth out Toledo's bumpiest roads.

And chances are, you'll soon hear the sound of the Toledo's Pothole Posse moving through your neighborhood.

The city tells News 11 they patched more than 16,000 pot holes, Saturday, in Toledo.

If you have a pothole complaint just call 419-936-bump.

Colleen Wells reported this story on WTOL NEWS 11.

Posted by N Dutton