Rodeo bar cited for I-280 wrong way crash

Michael Gagnon in a court appearance.
Michael Gagnon in a court appearance.

The same day the man who police say caused the deadly I-280 crash appears in court, the state of Ohio cites the bar where he drank that night.

News 11's Lisa Rantala talked to representatives at the bar.

Rodeo Bar and Grill faced criminal charges stemming from a search here after the crash. Now, the liquor license is in jeopardy.

State agents say they violated their obligations in serving Michael Gagnon too much that deadly night. This comes three months after police say Michael Gagnon drove the wrong way down I-280 killing a family of five.

His cousin's bar, where he spent most of the night drinking, is now facing some of the blame. The three owners of Rodeo Bar and Grill, Jon Roumaya, Michael Yousif and Glen Murdzia, already faced charges after the crash.

State agents found human growth hormone in the bar during a search.

Now, they're facing three more violations to their liquor permit obligations that involve serving an intoxicated person and showing ads that encourage excessive drinking.

Rantala talked to the owners' attorney, Norman Abood, by phone. Even though Gagnon's blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit after the crash, Abood says he showed no signs of intoxication. "He wasn't knocking over his drinks. He wasn't overly boisterous. He wasn't loud. He didn't get in a fight with anybody."

H said it was a busy night, they interviewed every employee and no one let Gagnon slide because he is related to Glen Murdzia.

The owners anticipate no criminal charges from this, but they are concerned about losing their liquor license. The bar owners' attorney says he will deny the accuracy of these new violations. He expects a hearing regarding the liquor license in the next few months.

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