Watering Tips for a New Lawn

After you've applied fresh topsoil, a quality blended Glass City Landscape, Inc. Grass Seed, and the Greenview starter fertilizer, follow this routine to grow and maintain a healthy, beautiful lawn.

Develop good habits to enjoy a lawn that you will be proud of.

1-10 Days Start watering all seeded areas everyday uniformly to keep the areas moist. It may be necessary to water 2-3 times per day for 5-10 minutes each time. Do not over water or allow water to stand. The amount of water depends on soil types, sunlight, shade, rain, etc. For larger areas, start watering at the furthest spot first; wait until the ground is damp, and then pull the hose towards you to help you stay off the soft, wet ground. The longer you can keep grass seed moist, the faster germination will occur.

10-14 Days As a result of moist soil and constant temperatures of 60 degrees or above, germination will occur. Fertilize soon after the grass reaches ¼" in height. See the team at Glass City Landscape to find the best fertilizer to fit your needs.

Avoid late evening or night watering during hot and humid summer weather. (This could create favorable conditions for fungus, moss, mold, mildew and other diseases.) Early morning and mid day watering is best.

2-4 Weeks Continue watering every 2-3 days for 15-20 minute intervals. This promotes deep root growth giving you a healthier lawn. Do not use any week killers until you have mowed 1-2 times.

4-7 Weeks Continue watering. Some areas may appear to be sparse or thin, this is common. It will take a full growing season before your lawn reaches maturity. Overseed as needed to help fill in bare spots you may have missed.

Continue to water as needed to maintain a healthy looking lawn. Make sure to follow your schedule for applying the Greenview Lawn Fertilizers.