Overseas letter lured her to riches -- good thing she didn't bite

She did her research and saved herself from being scammed.
She did her research and saved herself from being scammed.

PEMBERVILLE -- She got a letter informing her she was now a wealthy woman. But this Pemberville woman was smart enough to know the overseas letter would cause her nothing but a headache.

Vicki Bruning says the letter is from a scam artist claming to be a lawyer with lots of cash. She contacted Call 11 for Action problem solver Mika Highsmith to help spread the word to others.

"I saw this letter and I thought, 'This is really strange,'" Bruning says. Not only is the letter from overseas, there's no return address.

And on the inside of the envelope is a letter from a "law firm" in Toledo, Spain, our sister city. The letter contains a promise to split $22 million left by a "deceased relative."

"It's like, 'Wow, what is this all about?' It seemed strange," Bruning says.

Lucky for her, she did her research. "I looked on the Internet, typed in the law firm address and I didn't find any matches," Bruning explains.

This letter is most likely a scam, although it's tempting -- especially with this economy -- to think it's legitimate.

"It makes you want call out of curiosity," Bruning says. "People are probably trying to do whatever they can to make a buck. It's pretty tempting. I would say disregard it."

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