COOL VIDEO: Move to save car kabob sculpture

BERWYN, IL -- (CBS Newspath) Love it or hate it, you'll never forget it. It is called the "Spindle" and it looks like a car kabob. Last year a protest went out when word got out it was going to be taken down to put up a Walgreens.

Now it looks like Walgreens has been at work to try and figure out a way to move it and save it.

It sits in a strip-mall parking lot in Berwyn, Illinois and it features eight classic cars on a giant spike.

Some think of it as an eyesore other as art. It has been a neighborhood staple since 1989 and it has made many a cameo appearance in pop culture projects.

Among them the cult film favorite "Wayne's World".

"It's been here a very very long time. If it's possible to be saved, I would think it would be a great idea to save it," says one woman.

A local man says, "I just think it's ugly. I think its garbage. I don't think it's art. It's just old cars that are rusty."

Posted by N Dutton

CBS Newspath contributed to this report.