ODOT announces Spring construction projects

With the Spring season officially here, expect to start seeing lots of orange barrels and the smell of asphalt.

New details on some of the Ohio Department of Transportation projects about to get underway in your area.

Federal guidelines require states to inspect bridges every two years. But in Ohio, ODOT District Two Deputy Director David Dysard says every bridge is inspected every year. "We look at the abutments. We look at the girders and the structural integrity."

475 bridges

That's how the state determines the bridges in need of the most work along Interstate 475 in west Toledo. ODOT is looking at replacing bridges at Auburn, Central and Douglas... an area Dysard says sees some of the heaviest volumes of traffic in the entire district.

I-75 repaving

Upcoming maintenance projects include repaving I-75 from the Ohio/Michigan line to I-280. Work is expected to begin the week of April 7th and run through July. Dysard says, "We are going in on all three lanes and replacing the pavement. We're milling down the old material. We're actually able to recycle some of that."

Monroe Street

ODOT will also resurface State Route 51/Monroe Street between Alexis and Talmadge. Work will begin there the week of April 14, mostly during night-time hours.


In Sandusky and Wood counties, ODOT will likely widen U.S. Route 20 from 420 to Woodville.

Henry County

In Henry County, ODOT is exploring the possibility of a new overpass at Glenwood Avenue and U.S. 24.

Toledo Hospital/Promedica

Demolition of a number of homes that ODOT has bought-out near Toledo Hospital continues. They are on target to build a full interchange at I-475 with a street connecting Promedica Parkway along the hospital to Upton Avenue.

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