Toledo City Council approves budget and garbage fee

TOLEDO -- Toledo City Council worked late into the night on Tuesday and approved a 2008 budget.

Included in the budget is a new garbage collection fee. The first year -- starting May 1 -- the fee goes up from $5.50 to $7 a month for non-recyclers. It drops from $3 to $2 for those who recycle.

In years two and three, the fee goes up to $8.50 and $10 for non-recyclers.

"It's my firm belief that the administration needs to follow policy that this council sets. We get applauded for being a green city. We extend the life of our landfill," said Joe McNamara, city council member.

The budget passed with money available for a police class to begin in October and a fire class sometime this year. Thirty new officers and 30 new firefighters are expected to be hired.

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