New marine passenger terminal might welcome the Boyer

Rob Wiercinski
Rob Wiercinski

TOLEDO -- The wheels are in motion at the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority to pump life into the new marine passenger terminal.

Construction on the $3 million facility wrapped up last year in Toledo's Marina District, reports News 11's Rob Wiercinski, who says the new facility may soon have an "old" look.

Activity at the marine passenger terminal involves both short- and long-term planning. The Willis B. Boyer may be moving downriver from its current resting spot along International Park to be part of a long-term vision at the Marine Passenger Terminal.

"To create a Toledo Maritime Center, to relay our past, present and future of Toledo's waterfront, which is essentially the foundation of our community," explained Paul LaMarre, the Boyer's executive director and special assistant to the Port Authority president.

While moving the Boyer is still in the development stage, LaMarre says lake ferries docking at the terminal will be taking center stage in the near future.

"We will, without a doubt, be doing some trial runs to potentially service the islands as well as the Detroit community, and that could start happening as early as the late Spring," LaMarre said.

The Port Authority is ready to bring Gladieux Enterprises on board to market and operate the building as a banquet and catering facility. An agreement on that will be presented to the Port board for approval on Thursday.

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