WTOL Editorial: Viewers speak out on Toledo trash fees

WTOL President and General Manager Bob Chirdon
WTOL President and General Manager Bob Chirdon

Collecting garbage and recycling are hot topics. Based on emails I've received, viewers don't seem to like the collection fees. They are leery of the new one-man trucks and are worried about proving who really recycles and who just says they will for the discount.

Here are some or your comments.

Loren said, "The fees should stay as they are. The $10 option if you don't recycle, won't work. Some people will claim to recycle but won't. The city can't enforce the snow bans, how are (they) to going to enforce recycling?"

Lissy said, "How much sense does it make to ask taxpayers for more money only to turn around and get rid of the workers who pick up the trash?"

Jerry wants to know, "What sort of exemptions are going to be made for people who winter out of state? Why not go to a private firm and have it assume all expenses?"

Another viewer said, "I already pay for garbage collection through my taxes. I should not be required to pay for it twice."

These are pretty good comments. Thanks for watching -- and keep those emails coming.

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