A look at where Toledo falls in trash pickup fees

TOLEDO -- Since the trash fee debate in Toledo seems to be such a hot topic, we wanted to compare what other cities charge for refuse pickup. As you're about to see, Toledo is near the bottom when it comes to trash fees, reports News 11's Shelley Brown.

If you live in Toledo, you pay $5.50 a month for trash pickup -- and that's for "unlimited service." Recyclers pay $3 a month.

Residents in Dayton pay $7 a month, but they're limited to one cart. Anything over that, and they're billed. Recycling is free.

The village of Whitehouse charges residents $9 a month for trash pickup and in the city of Sylvania, the trash fee is $10 a month -- and that's limited to three containers.

Residents in Akron are limited to one cart. They pay more than $19 a month for trash pickup. Their recycling discount reduces the fee to $17.

In Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus, there is no fee for trash pickup. City Council Budget Chairman George Sarantou says Cleveland generates more money through property taxes in comparison to Toledo.

Refuse collection in the Glass City costs about $15 million a year.

Sarantou says taxes don't bring in enough to pay for refuse. He supports leaving the fee as is.

We want to hear from you. How do you think the city of Toledo should resolve its garbage fee problem?

Take the poll attached to this story. And read WTOL General Manager Bob Chirdon's editorial on the subject, also attached.

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