Local donation drive for Missouri flood victims

ISOH President Linda Greene
ISOH President Linda Greene

WATERVILLE -- The flood water may be receding, but the damage is done. Victims need help getting back on their feet -- in several areas of the country.

If you're looking to lend that helping hand, the International Services of Hope (ISOH) is kicking off a relief drive Monday.

"It's a 'must' thing because people don't have water that is clean and you have to have clean water or you're going to get sick. So that's one of the big issues," ISOH President Linda Greene told News 11's Shelley Brown on Monday.

Items can be donated at the ISOH warehouse in Waterville located at 905 Farnsworth Rd. Click here for map.

Items needed include bottled water, cleaning supplies (brooms, Borax, bleach, cleaning gloves)and toiletries. Also needed is cash donations for transporting the supplies.

For more information, visit the ISOH web site.

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