Fire breaks out in Swanton home

SWANTON -- A blaze broke out shortly after 8 p.m. in the 100 block of West St. Clair St. in Swanton on Thursday.

When News 11 arrived, smoke and flames were pouring from the house. The man who lives here had been out bowling, we were told. His dog was home but managed to escape.

A retired firefighter who lives next door to the house kicked down the doors to see if anyone was trapped inside.

"I got inside the kitchen, and the ceiling was falling and cupboards were crashing. It was blazing pretty good there for a while so I'd say there can't be much of anything left," said Tim Lambert.

Neighbors say it appears the fire started in the kitchen and that the cause could be electrical.

The man who lives in the house belongs to the local VFW, we're told. After the fire, that group  collected over $200 to help him out.

Posted by KO