EcoTrack11: EcoMom Alliance

Call it "girl power" for the next generation.

Mothers are banding together to battle climate change and other ecological hazards. As Teri Okita tells us in this EcoTrack 11 report, They're hoping to make home sweet home a little greener.

It's no coincidence they call it mother earth. Kimberly Pinkson of EcoMom Alliance asks, "What kind of legacy do we want to create for future generations?"

These women are part of the non-profit EcoMom Alliance, a growing sorority that wants to help save the planet, one household at a time. The alliance sponsors a 10-step eco-challenge that motivates mothers to do everything from composting to recycling.

Pinkson explains, "Six is to turn off and unplug electronic devices."  Founder Kimberly Pinkson travels to these eco-mom parties and offers new ideas for conservation. She says, "We just ask people, just take one at a time, choose one that's do-able for you, and that way, it's very real and tangible and easily-accessible."

The EcoMom Alliance has taken off since it launched in mid-2006. It's 11,000 members strong with interest as far away as India and Nigeria. They pass around non-toxic cleaning products and show ways to prepare waste-free school lunches. The best bio-degradable detergents and names of local food growers are hot topics here.

Jennifer Monson, a Los Angeles mom, feels inspired. "You can do little things, and feel good about that. Then, once you kind of have the momentum from that, you can move on to the next one and the next one. We're part of a sisterhood, and we can be part of this movement."

The common complaint is it takes extra time and money to be green. Pinkson says it just takes creativity. Like we always say, we're not asking you to change the world. We're just asking you to rethink what you already do."

Maybe mothers of the future will thank them.

Posted by LS