Weigh In To Win: Separating fat from fiction

It's time to separate the fat from fiction.

News 11's Melissa Voetsch reports.

Jennifer is hoping to breath new life into her health by measuring her lung capacity.

Becky Boyer, personal trainer with the YMCA, will plug that number into a formula that measures Jennifer's total body fat count. Boyer explains, "It kind of factors in..did they really exhale all the air in their lungs while in the tank and how much do we need to change based on what was in their lungs."

The most accurate way to measure your body fat is in the water tank, also known as hydro-static testing.

Here's how it works. Your bone, muscle and connective tissue is known as your lean mass. It weighs more and sinks. Your body fat floats. This allows you to get an accurate measurement .

The test shows Jennifer's got a lot of work to do. Boyer says, "We do know that, based on her body weight right now, she is in that caution range. So we want her to be doing good."

Ultimately, we'd like to see Jennifer and the rest of our team members fit into the recommended body mass index (BMI) for women, which is around 21 percent. (For men, it's 14-percent.)

A long road, but one she doesn't have to walk alone.

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