WTOL EDITORIAL: Response to enforcing smoking ban

My editorial on enforcing the smoking ban really heated people up.

Brenda from Michigan is happy about the ban. She writes, "I would rather drive to Toledo than to have to eat in a smelly old restaurant. I can not wait until Michigan gets smart and passes the same laws."

But there are many who disagree with her.

Here's what Brian a non-smoker has to say: "I think it's great that the new law is ignored! This is a free country, and we should have the freedom to choose."

Jeff from Fostoria says, "It is absolutely stupid. Had it banned smoking in places like family restaurants and movie theatres, fine. But bars and bowling alleys?"

Debra from Swanton writes, "With all the unsolved crimes of murder, rape, incest and child molesting, you don't see everyone running to a phone to report these."

Jeff says, "They allow smoking in a nursing home, but not a bar. Come on. Get real."

And finally this from a viewer. "Your smoking ban editorial has totally made me want to puke."

I'm Bob Chirdon. Thanks for your emails. Keep them coming.

Posted by LS