Group in town to promote end to Afghan and Iraq wars

TOLEDO -- It has been five years since the U.S. led its invasion into Iraq. One group, hoping to enhance awareness of that fact, has created a display that stretches from one side of the Lucas County courthouse front lawn to the other.

The Northwest Ohio Peace Coalition transformed the lawn outside the courthouse into a cemetery designed with the real Arlington Cemetery in mind. The group is calling the display "Arlington Midwest."

"We're trying to show the human cost of war," explains Jeffrey Klein, a member of the organization.

The 5,000 "tombstones" that dot the lawn represent U.S. service members killed in Iraq or Afghanistan, and those who have returned home and later committed suicide.

"We're here to demonstrate, to stop and pause, give thought to the human cost of war," says Peggy Daly-Masternak.

The names of 3,000 Iraqis (out of more than a million) killed are also on display.

"You see this thing laid out and you say, 'Wow, each one of those tombstones represents one of our brave service members that has died over there,'" reflects Klein.

Posted by KO