'I bought the car -- why does he have all my personal info?'

Deeana Witt worries her personal information might have gotten into the wrong hands.
Deeana Witt worries her personal information might have gotten into the wrong hands.

She bought a car three weeks ago and thought the transaction was a done deal. But then she got a call from another customer claiming to have all of her personal information.

Worried about identity theft, Deeana Witt contacted Call 11 for Action problem solver Mika Highsmith.

Witt was looking to buy a vehicle so she stopped at Miami Motors on Woodville Rd. and found what she wanted: a  1996 Intrepid.

"I paid $500 down and $240 for the first month payment," Witt says. The car is now in her possession.

But her paperwork landed in the hands of Joshua McDowell who recently bought a car from the same shop.

"I'm like, 'Damn, that's not mine,' so I called her up, and it was hers," McDowell explains.

"They had my paperwork with my social, my address, my phone number -- all that information," Witt says. "It was my paperwork with Josh's signature on it. I was shocked."

Most shocking of all is that the dealership apparently gave out Witt's paperwork, which brings up an even bigger concern.

"I bought my car three weeks ago, and the computer popped it a week ago up for him. Who knows how many times the computers been popping it up to other people?" Witt asks. "He's not checking his documents, and his computer is obviously printing out our information to other people."

Mika went to speak with the owner of the shop, and he blamed the mishap on a computer glitch. He admits he did not doublecheck the information, but he says in 25 years of business, this has never happened before. He says he'll make sure it doesn't happen again.

As for Witt, all her paperwork was straightened out, and the owner of the shop is working to make sure she's satisfied.

Mika says the bottom line is: Check your credit report on a regular basis.

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