Follow-up on feral cats and reunion photos

Feral cats

When you have a stray dog in the your neighborhood, call the dog warden and they'll pick it up.

But who takes care of stray cats? That's the question Jane Jerram wanted answered for two weeks ago. She has not one, but eight feral cats living outside her house.

They're frisky, fast and too hard to catch or control. So Jerram turned to us with a problem many citizens tend to ignore. With the help of the Humane Society, Planned Pethood and Humane Ohio, the help was free of charge. They explained the best solution was spaying and neutering.

Jerram tells News 11, "I'm so happy. It's relief to know that the ones that we have aren't going to be having more kittens."

Hoping to help control the problem one cat at a time. Jerram says, "I thank Channel 11 very much. I thank Channel 11."

Missing pictures

"We paid $15 for an 8x10 photo."

It was a keepsake for Ottawa Hills High School Class of 1957. A group photo of all the attendees.

Judy Koles claims one person received it, but as for the rest of the people in the photo... "We were waiting for the pictures, and it's been six months."

So Problem Solver Mika Highsmith got involved, and the wait came to an end the next day. Koles says, "When you called him, he came right out with the pictures."

She says they were even hand delivered, which she wasn't too happy about.  "We paid for postage," she explained.

But the important thing, the pictures are now in her hand. Judy Koles tells News 11, "I think Toledo is very fortunate to have the service you offer. Yes, thank you."

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