Sylvania parents meet to discuss kids and drugs

Drug counselor Bill Geha works with children as young as 8 years old.
Drug counselor Bill Geha works with children as young as 8 years old.
Claudia Day says parents must be vigilant.
Claudia Day says parents must be vigilant.

SYLVANIA -- A town hall meeting in Sylvania Thursday evening drew a big crowd of parents. The topic? A frightening trend involving area kids and drugs, reports News 11's Shelley Brown.

"We want to make our community aware that we have a problem," said Sylvania Schools drug counselor Bill Geha.

Indeed, suburban communities like Sylvania are struggling with a major drug and alcohol problem. At the Sylvania meeting, parents got an earful from anonymous student drug users.

"I think I have complete access to any drug I can think of. I know friends that deal every kind of drug. I know friends that have meth labs," said one anonymous student drug user.

Geha says drug or alcohol use generally begins around age 13, but he's also now working with kids as young as 8 years old.

"We're talking about narcotics, prescription drugs. We're talking cocaine. We're talking methamphetamines," Geha says, noting that oxycontin and anything inside a home medicine cabinet are being used as well.

"The girls I've noticed seem to gravitate toward pills. They seem to gravitate to all the things in mom's medicine cabinet," said Ron Bierbaum, Sylvania Township Fire Dept.

A panel of city and township experts told parents they need to be more aware. Parents had many questions and some advice.

"Just keep it up. You can't let down. You know you just have to keep rechecking yourself and even though I trust them, it's going to be going back and asking them who was there? What were they doing?" reflected parent Claudia Day.

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