EcoTrack 11: Ohio Greenprint Gateway

Imagine having one map of 20 Ohio counties that shows vulnerable watersheds and where endangered species live. It's called the Ohio Greenprint Gateway.

The Trust for Public Land (TPL) of Ohio is unveiling a new mapping tool to help in planning the conservation and growth of land and parks along Lake Erie.

TPL Ohio Project Manager Lynn Garrity tells News 11, "If you have a city park in one location and a metro park in another location... and then there is an underserved area in between those, this is a tool that you can start to look at where those connections may be able to be provided."

It is more than just a multi-layered map, it is a big time saver. She explains, "There are a lot of local organizations, both watershed groups and neighborhood development groups, that really don't have the staff and capacity to assemble that data. They don't have a system in their office to provide that. This is really a tool that has been able to do that for them and they can get that from their desktop."

It has already been a big help to the conservation efforts in the local town of Port Clinton. The Ohio Greenprint Gateway identified an area for future preservation along the coast of Lake Erie.

For more information, visit Trust for Public Land.

Posted by LS