Avoid These Work-At-Home Scams!

There are all kinds of scams out there, and for employment purposes it is no different. You can see them in all the newspapers and on most job web sites. The general rule of thumb should always be, "If it is too good to be true, it usually is!"

Here are some examples of scammers looking for their next victims:

EARN $1000'S WEEKLY Stuff envelopes at home. Be your own boss. Start now. No experience.  Free supplies. No obligation. Send S.A.S.E. to Nugget Unit 364-30, 10151 University Blvd., Orlando, FL  32817.

EARN $200-$1000 WEEKLY Assemble Products at home $39.95. Call toll free 1-800-574-9635 ext. 252

HOME TYPISTS PC users needed. $45,000 income potential. Call 1-800-513-4343. Ext. 8-10098.

EARN $1,000'S READING BOOKS. Part Time. At Home. Toll Free 800-218-9000 Ext. R-2084 for listings. Fee required.

Envelope stuffing is the most common scam, but employment of this type is uncommon these days due to modern techniques in mailing and the equipment available.

Are you asked to invest or pay a fee in order to make money? Don't do it. Remember, you are looking to make money not spend it.

Remember when job searching, either by the Internet or mail, never give any personal information such as your social security number or any bank information.

Check with these organizations if you have questions:

United States Postal Inspection Service (general information)
Better Business Bureau (NW Ohio and South Eastern Michigan)