Older adults cite benefits of Wii bowling

FOSTORIA -- You might say it's Wii-volutionizing one area retirement center, reports News 11's Dick Berry.

Folks at Independence House are playing Wii bowling, a video game that's part of their regular activities and at the same time changing their lives. Ever since it arrived, workers have noticed a change in residents.

"Physically, we're seeing a change and mentally they're really enjoying it," says Carol Jurrus, who works with residents.

The game's therapeutic value for Anna Toth is almost a miracle, some say. She hasn't been able to bowl for years -- but can now.

"I can't walk. I got multiple sclerosis. This makes me feel better if I can get up and move around," Toth says.

Bernadette Fruth says Wii bowling gives her a chance to make new friends.

"You come out here. You visit a bit where otherwise you stay in your room. It's fun to do that. I'm not very good but it's fun," Fruth says.

John Young knows he'll never roll a 300 game. But Wii bowling is the pick-me-up he needs when his spirits are low.

"My wife has Alzheimer's and I'm tied up with her. Gives me a chance to get out, say hello to everyone and have a good time," Young says.

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