OCC student complains about treatment following fire

The fire at Owens Community College on Monday caused a kerfuffle for many and major problems for one student who got stuck in the snow as she fled the scene.

Jennifer Davis thought everything would be taken care of, since she pays for roadside assistance. But it didn't help because, she claims, the officers on the scene wouldn't allow her to use it.

So, sure enough, she turned to Call 11 for Action problem solver Mika Highsmith to find out why.

"There was a fire and they released students," Davis says. She got in her minivan to make her way off the Owens campus when all of sudden, "I turned around and got stuck in some snow. I didn't realize how deep it was."

Davis' only option was to call a tow truck, she says. She pays for emergency service through Alltel. She'd signed up for the service to make things easy in situations like this, but, she says "The police officer told me 'no.' They told me 'no' that I could not wait 45 minutes," Davis says.

The police officers decided to call their own tow truck, Davis says, so instead of paying $5  through her roadside assistance, she owes $140.

"I'm a single mom and a poor college student like every college student," Davis says.

The service Davis wanted to use has agreed to pay $100 of the bill. Perrysburg Township trustees are discussing the matter to see what they can do to resolve the situation.

Posted by KO