EcoTrack 11 Report: Carey trying to keep floodwaters at bay

CAREY -- Folks in Carey will likely never forget the summer of '07. The village was swamped by flooding, and businesses around the downtown district were forced to shut down.

"It was very devastating," said floral shop owner Deb Smalley. "We worked 'round the clock trying to get things back in order so we could get up and running again."

Business is back to normal at Smalley's Greenbriar Floral and Gift Shop. Now, officials are looking for a plan to keep business owners high and dry for the long-term, reports News 11's Dick Berry.

"It's a project that's been ongoing. Build a community on the banks of water, every now and then Mother Nature is going to remind us of that," said Village Administrator Roy Johnson.

Here's the project: An engineering firm has just recommended to the Carey Village Council that it replace and enlarge drainage culverts along Spring Run, which is the source of the flooding. That would allow the drainage ditch to handle a higher water flow, we're told.

Now the bad news: Cost to this village of 3,800 would be $8 million.

"We've been looking into funding through federal agencies, whatever help we can get through representatives and senators, whatever help we can get through the state and what we can finance locally," said Johnson.

Smalley hopes something can be done. She doesn't want flooding to force her to move her flower shop.

"It's crossed our mind. Obviously we haven't acted on it," Smalley said.

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