Problem of Brewski's Bar is gone for good

We have a success story for you -- follow-up to a story we first brought you several months ago.

Here's Mika Highsmith with proof that when we take action we get results.

This problem was actually solved the day it happened back in May. But today, Mika's got some more great news for residents who used to live by Brewski's Bar.

Remember this place? It was closed for business, but the door was unlocked, which opened the door to all sorts of problems -- kids, vagrants and drug dealers were going inside.

So we got involved and had the building closed off the day we walked through last May. Since then, neighbors say the city has been making frequent checks on that property. They even mowed the lawn when needed. And guess what? They got rid of the problem for good by knocking it down last week.

Virginia Wilcox told News 11, "It was just sitting there. They took care of it, mowed the lawn and then all of a sudden, it was gone." She added, "I'm glad it's taken care of. No more kids can get hurt down there, and no more drug deals can go on... Thank you Channel 11 News and the mayor."

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CBS and Associated Press contributed to this report.