WTOL Editorial: Smoking ban needs to be enforced

WTOL Vice President and General Manager Bob Chirdon
WTOL Vice President and General Manager Bob Chirdon

One year after passing the smoking ban, there are bar owners in Lucas County who ignore the law. When they are fined, they also ignore the fines. Or, they resort to an appeals process that delays everything.

As the appeals drag on, customers continue breaking the law by smoking. Enforcement has been so lame that the Lucas County Health Department has collected only four fines.

Supposedly the fines for multiple offenses can reach as high as $2,500. That's a lot of money to throw away.

But it's not much of a deterrent if it is almost never collected. I guess all we can do is report the smoking whenever we see it.

Maybe more pressure from callers will improve the rate of enforcement.

You can find the number to call on here. If we don't demand compliance with the law, then we should expect the number of smokers in bars to increase.

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