Sylvania Fire Dept. looks ahead to overhaul

SYLVANIA TOWNSHIP -- On Tuesday, people in Sylvania passed a 1.25 mll fire levy.

Fire Chief Fred Welsh took over the Sylvania Fire Dept. last October. He learned right away that Station 2-- some 50 years old -- was a problem.

"Honestly you can see that the exterior of this building has not been properly maintained over time," Welsh pointed out to News 11's Tim Miller. Indeed, mold in the station's living quarters made firefighters sick.

Even getting trucks out of the station was dangerous. The newly passed levy could eliminate that dangerous road setup and pay for brand new buildings for Fire Stations 1, 2 and 3.

Lt. Mike Ramm grew up next to fire hall. "It will be bittersweet to see the thing go down but it will be even nicer knowing I live in this community, in this fire district, to have a new station house for the guys," he said.

The department should get three new fire engines and a truck. Three employees that were laid off a year ago could be brought back and some new paramedics could be hired.

After two failed fire levies in 2005 and three more that were defeated last year, something was different this time.

At least two of the new fire stations could be up and open in 2009.

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