Boo-wa-ha-ha-ha -- pothole monsters laugh

Mika Highsmith
Mika Highsmith

TOLEDO -- Pothole monsters eat our cars and laugh in our faces. They're everywhere this time of year, reports News 11's Mika Highsmith in this Call 11 for Action report.

And, as if being laughed at by a pothole monster isn't enough, you get charged for the damage potholes make to your vehicle. Yeah, pretty humiliating, all around.

"We were coming home from making funeral arrangements north on Douglas at night," says Doug Wiseman, who called Mika for help after a pothole ate his car.

"There was no missing it," Wiseman says. He hit the pothole so hard, he busted three tires and each rim. His Lebaron also suffered internal damage and a cracked windshield.

The damage totaled more than $800, which he hoped the city would pay.

"It seems like the city should be responsible," agrees Ben Brown with Brooks Insurance.

Unfortunately for drivers, that's not the case. Brown says it's because of sovereign immunity, which "just means that a governmental entity is protected from lawsuits."

The city did fill in the pothole -- but that was only about a week ago, and it's already sinking.

"The advice I was given is don't drive at night, don't go down roads you know have potholes," Wiseman says.

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