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Meet Rodney!

Meet Rodney Crosby Jr.! Rodney is 51 years old and married. He weighed in at 323 pounds. Rodney works for Toledo Public Schools. He's also an intern pastor for St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center. He says his pride and joy is his grandson, Aidan.

My favorite book is the all-time number one bestseller, The Bible. Then comes a close second: "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff ( Simple ways to keep the little things from taking over your life)" by Richard Carlson PH.D.

My Favorite Movie: The Blue Max (a World War II, fighter pilot confrontation with George Peppard). Next is Victor/ Victoria (The story about a women who pretends to be a man but is really a women who falls in love with a man) that stars Julie Andrews, James Garner.

My Favorite music is Smooth Jazz, like Pat Metheny, Hiroshima, Peter White, Grover Washington.

Best childhood memory was on the 4th of July, parking on the middle strip on the Anthony Wayne trail by the Toledo Zoo to watch the Fireworks at dusk, sitting on the hood and tops of cars for a better view -- they were made like tanks back in those days. 

Losing weight will help lower my blood pressure, make me stronger, keep me mobile as I grow older. It will help me stay active, enjoy life, and be around to see my children and grandchildren grow up so I can be active in their lives.

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