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Meet Jennifer!

Meet Jennifer Owens!

Jennifer is 33 years old and married. She is a chemistry teacher at Sylvania, and she weighed in at 261 lbs.

Her goal is to be a contestant on "Survivor" -- after she's finished with Weigh In To Win.

Jennifer's favorite drink is Diet Mountain Dew, which she calls "nectar from the gods."

More favorites follow:

My favorite book is "The Secret Life of Bees" by Sue Monk Kidd. I am an avid reader. I read a new book every week! I'm big into sci fi & fantasy as well as mysteries & paranormal romance.

My favorite movie is "The Chronicles of Riddick". I am a HUGE Vin Diesel fan and I LOVE sci fi & fantasy topics.  I also like "The Island", "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", "Labyrinth" and "Dark Crystals"

I am very eclectic in my music. I love show tunes/Broadway, international music, R&B, pop. I am a HUGE American  Idol fan & buy most of the contestants records. Currently on my Ipod are: Imogen Heap, Blake Lewis, Asian  Lounge, Wicked, Lauren Hill & India Arie.

My favorite childhood memory: How can I choose! There are so many! I love my family and can NEVER get enough of them.

I guess I would say flying on my own to visit my grandparents in Lynchburg, Va. for a month in the  summer. I went like 5 summers in a row. My grandpa Sheldon was the MOST AMAZING man I have ever known.

We'd spend our days fishing, saving turtles from the middle of the roads, going to flea markets, eating at quirky  mom & pop restaurants, swimming, searching for rare stamps, playing games. I never wanted to leave. I miss him so much!

I want to lose weight because it is time for my outside to match my insides! I used to tell my students "This life genius, next life goddess" but I have decided I WANT IT ALL!!! I am a good role model in so many ways, but not in a healthy, active lifestyle. I want to try out for Survivor. I want to play racquetball & run & rollerblade.

My time is now!

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