Parking dispute at Stranahan Theatre

TOLEDO -- A parking dispute puts two sides at odds at the Stranahan Theatre, just in time for sold out shows of "The Lion King."  A group that owns the land at the Stranahan says the theater needs to pay more to use more parking spots. The Stranahan said no, so the group closed off some 400 parking spaces.

News 11's Jonathan Walsh was there Friday night to talk to theater goers.

John Borton parked in the extra space but not out of necessity. Borton says, "I always park there because I can shoot out the exit."

Borton isn't impressed with the battle between the Stranahan and the group called the Scottish Rite that owns the land.

"See who the bigger baby is here. It's much ado about nothing I think."

The parking lot was full, the valets keeping busy and despite the efforts of the Stranahan to clear spots some were overlooked.

A number of customers noticed the congestion.

Tawann Gaston says "Looking for a parking spot it's pretty tough out here. It's packed. Sold out crowd it looks like."

All theatre goers wanted to see this and not a parking dispute.

Sherelle Owens says, "I think we brought a wonderful play to Toledo and I think they should have opened it up for the public. Really, they should have."

John Mikolajczak says, "Whole scenario I believe winds down to money. A situation where everybody is depressed everybody is looking for any dime they can get."

People tell News 11 they hope both sides see the light and solve the parking problem so it doesn't make a bad impression on would-be-theatre goers.

Borton says, "It may keep them away from the show and that would be a shame."

Jonathan Walsh reported this story on News 11.

Posted by N Dutton