WTOL Editorial: Viewer response to 3/4% tax editorial

The responses to the ¾% tax editorial were evenly split for and against.

Putting aside the positive emails, there are questions raised by the crowd voting "no."

Robert writes, "I thought this tax was about art, not essential services. That is, according to The Blade."

Terry is"sick and tired of the blackmail every time a levy comes up. Why not cut fat and special projects?"

Frank says, "I will not fall for the fear trap that Carty wants to create."

Aaron would "gladly vote 'yes' if the trash fee were eliminated."

The "no" voters go on like that. They don't believe firefighters and police officers will be laid off. They don't think essential services will be cut. They think the tax is about funding the arts. They believe special projects and mismanagement have caused the deficit.

And, for them, the mayor is still an issue. So, I will provide a minute for the mayor or any member of city council to respond to the questions. With $58 million in the balance, a minute doesn't seem like much to ask for.

We'll see.

Posted by KO