WTOL Editorial: Vote 'yes' on 3/4% tax on March 4

WTOL Vice President and General Manager Bob Chirdon:

If the ¾ percent tax fails on March 4, Toledo will be in big trouble.

Firefighters and police officers will be laid off. City services will be cut back for years to come. Something has to go away. Without the tax, the city will lose almost $58 million worth of operating money.

But the people in this city are so angry at Mayor Finkbeiner, they may vote "no" just to send him a big, fat message.

I understand. He has been stupid. He deserves a "no" vote.

Unfortunately, this vote is not about the mayor. This vote is about you and your neighbors. And if you vote "no" on this tax, you lose. The mayor will still be the mayor.

I urge you to put aside your frustration. Vote "yes" on March 4. Help preserve the value of your town.

As for Mayor Carleton S. Finkbeiner, I hear he may run for re-election. Amazing! If he does, then you can vote "no"; as in, "no way," "no more."

Even he will get that message.

Posted by KO