Gadget Tracker: A News 11 Special Report

The more gadgets you buy, the more opportunity you create for crooks to rip you off.

The latest and greatest target by bad guys are those mini-electronics that so many people now own. Since the police can't always devote the time if your property disappears, it's up to you to help get your stuff back.

They're getting smaller, making them easier to take anywhere: ipods, cell phones, lap top computers.

When you leave for the day, there's a good chance at least one of these items goes with you. And the criminals know it. "As we grow in technology, so have thieves. At one time, it used to be bicycle or lawn mower out of the garage." Michele Johnson chairs the public safety department at Owens Community College.  As a former police officer, Michelle knows there are limits to what can be done if your property gets ripped off.

"It's very important to you, but police don't have time to do an investigation to get that back," Johnson says.

That's why Michele is so encouraged by GadgetTrak. It's sort of like a home security system or car alarm, but it protects your electronics. You begin by downloading the system into your gadgets for a fee that starts at $13 for a one-year service.

If your property disappears, you'll be contacted once it is used by someone else. The company then does the legwork and lets police know where the product is being used.

"I think it's a great aid for police. I think it would help an investigation, and maybe getting it back," Johnson said.

So far, GadgetTrak is paying off. In just the last year, customers are reporting successful recoveries including one ipod owner down in Dublin, Ohio near Columbus.

But the real impact could be as a deterrent as word of the security system spreads. "Maybe the thieves will say, 'Wait a minute, this ipod that I want to steal may be able to be tracked.'"

News 11 is by no means endorsing GadgetTrak. But we do want to help you get more information if you're interested.

Posted by LS