News 11 Special Report: Taking Back Our Neighborhoods

Some people in West Toledo are taking their block watch program a step further and finding missing people, reports News 11's Jonathan Walsh in a continuing series that highlights people who help locate children and the elderly who go missing.

On Tuesday night at 11, you'll hear how the block watch folks set up the watch -- and how they've used it recently to search for an 11-year-old girl.

"If I see a truck in a person's driveway in an area that I cover and it's not marked and I haven't seen it before, I'm going down and asking them what it's all about," said Dave Swartzlander, a block watch member in his neighborhood.

The search plan is something that could save a life -- and News 11's Special Report is a program all neighborhoods should see.

Watch Tuesday on News 11 at 11.

"We decided to take measures to draw lines in the sand and say we're not going to let our neighborhood become like some of the others that have gone downhill," said Michael Dearth, a city block watch chairman.