Tenant says landlord refuses to repair -- everything

They've been going without basic necessities for too long and they've had enough. The South Toledo family lives along the 700 block of Prouty -- in a home that's in bad shape. They say their landlord hasn't fixed anything and tonight they're calling on Call 11 for Action problem solver Mika Highsmith.

"The first problem was in November the furnace went out." Anthony Payne said. Four months later, and the furnace is still a problem, he says.

"The owner will not fix it or do nothing with it," Payne said.

The house got so cold the pipes burst through the ceiling. Now the only water in the house is that dripping from the ceiling.

"Bathroom -- can't use it. Can't properly wash dishes. Can't take a bath or shower here," Payne said.

"They don't care. They're slumlords. They're trying something that don't work," Payne said.

Payne played a message from the management company. At first it seemed like they were trying to help, but then, it was apparent that they were not.

Management: "I understand you have reporters coming to the house, and I will let them know the pipes burst because you all did not pay the water bill."

"The pipes bursted because we didn't pay the water bill? That doesn't make any sense," Payne said.

He does say he has neglected to pay rent, and while nothing's filed in housing court yet, he could soon be facing eviction.

"Why should I pay for a cold house?" Payne said.

Mika called the owners of the house and they didn't call back.

Check out your rights with the Toledo Municipal Court web site.

Mika says she will be talking to the housing court judge on Tuesday and will have more on tenant rights.

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