Fleeing car thieves cause headache for more than car's owner

Lisa Rantala
Lisa Rantala

TOLEDO -- Extremely cold temperatures are causing some drivers to take a major risk to keep their cars warm. Now, one woman tonight is warning, "Don't do it," reports News 11's Lisa Rantala.

Alicia Morrin says someone else's mistake last week -- "If she would have put her keys in her pocket when she went to the store, none of this would have happened" -- will now cost her thousands of dollars.

According to police, a woman left her keys in her car when she walked into the 7-11 on Western. Once inside, she saw her car back up. She ran out and jumped on the hood. They say the thief drove forward, throwing the victim off the car and cutting her leg.

Morrin says the thief then drove down her street and crashed into her car.

"They had jumped out probably halfway before they hit the car and let the car roll into our car. Well not, roll, smash into our car," Morrin said.

The suspects ran off. The victim wasn't seriously hurt, but Morrin says drivers need to smarten up.

Police say this type of auto theft happens every winter.

Now, Morrin is left figuring out how to come up with $5,000 for repairs.

"Her insurance won't pay for it so we'll have to take the 13-year-old kids to court and then take their parents to court after that," Morrin said.

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