WTOL Editorial: Contenders for U.S. Presidency need Ohio

Super Tuesday has come and gone. And guess what? The nominations, which seemed so certain a few months ago, are now too close to call.

Here's a Super Tuesday surprise: Now it looks like the March 4 Ohio Primary really does matter.

All those states that pushed and shoved to participate in Super Tuesday ended up in a Democratic tie.

Yet Ohio, which quietly accepted the March 4 primary date, may be the deciding battleground.

That's a huge responsibility.

I urge you get involved. Go to wtol.com. Scroll down and click on the Campaign '08 icon.

Read about the candidates. Understand why you are voting for one or the other. On March 4 the entire nation will be watching.

Let's put on a great show. It would be fitting if we had a record turnout. After all, just a few weeks ago, almost no one thought your primary vote would matter.

Posted by KO