Welcome Message from Zoar Lutheran Church

You are welcome at Zoar Lutheran Church of Perrysburg. We claim Jesus Christ as the source of our faith and life together and the one who inspires us to share his Good News in our community. Our mission statement is: "Energized by Jesus, a grateful Zoar gathers, grows and gives." We will do this through: "letting go" and letting God lead us; considering all options; focusing on priorities; stretching our imaginations; laughing, loving, learning; committing to regular participation in worship, spending time in daily prayer, and listening to what God has to say to us.

The Core Values that define Zoar are: Faith, Love, Spirituality, Family, and Mission.
Our Bedrock Beliefs that are the foundation of our faith are: The Cross, Grace, The Holy Trinity, the Priesthood of All Believers, Hope, and Joy.

Zoar is a place where worship of God is central, where people are encouraged to grow in their faith and discipleship, and where believers of all ages can find loving fellowship. And we are a missional church, always seeking new opportunities to serve others in the name of Jesus. Come join us for worship or go to our webpage for more information about the many ministries at Zoar. May God bless you with faith, joy and hope every day.